live at ÄÄNIAALTO V [helsinki_31​/​01​/​20]




This is a stereo room recording of a 4-channel live audio performance at ÄÄNIAALTO V. The concert was held in Vappan Taiteen Tila a underground rock shelter in Helsinki. At around 12:30 the PA crashes, leaving 2 channels dead for a while, until a crew member re-animates the amp. The sounds are all live sounds from 2 METSÄÄN ELEKTR0 SM0K devices that were used to pick up the electro-magentic fields (EMF) of an array of transformers in power-supplies and a table full of cellphones, members of the audience were asked to provide as sound sources. Because the location is under several meters of rock the phones did not receive any signals from transmission towers, therefore most of them were just sending a 'ping', as heard in the end of the performance. This is the reason, why the second part of the set, is rather dull. The sounds were illuminated by a video projection, that will hopefully be visible in other locations and times. I very much would like to do this again.

METSÄÄN is my little machine shop:
ÄÄNIAALTO festival:


released February 24, 2020

Thanks to Miranda for setting up and providing the recording and to the Ääniaalto-crew for inviting me.




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