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by wizards tell lies / stapperton / coldsore

  • CDr
    Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album

    some black and some silver CDrs with a hand stamped matte silver surface, handnumbered thick glossy full color cover card in plastique envelope. limited to 27 copies.


    HARDWARE version available from totes-format.tk
    SOFTWARE version available from totesformat.itch.io

    Includes unlimited streaming of WIZARDS TELL LIES / STAPPERTON / COLDSORE via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

    Sold Out



HARDWARE version available from totes-format.tk
SOFTWARE version available from totesformat.itch.io

The WIZARDS TELL LIES and the COLDSORE tracks were supposed to be released on the defuct AETHERIC RECORDS (aetheric-records.bandcamp.com). We wish you all the best, A.
To give our siren calls a new chance to be heard, Totes Format shanghaied STAPPERTON into the crew of our drifting raft and then we were three. Hoist the rag!






HARDWARE version available from totes-format.tk
SOFTWARE version available from totesformat.itch.io


released December 31, 2019

Many thanks for the prints to Emmi.


So, here’s a three-way split, ‘name your price’ (ie, you’ll pay nothing you tightwad, let’s be frank) release on GRMMSK’s Totstellen label. We start off with WIZARDS TELL LIES. Do they? Hi honey, I just flogged the car for a fairy tree! Really, who sold it to you? Couple of blokeswith beards, floppy hats. Oh, and youtested it, right, cos it looks like a dead spider plant to me? Oh...fuckin’ wizards done me overagain. WTL’s track reminds me a bit of the time I was given a tour of an Estonian boatbuilding facility, in anold Soviet construction complex. Boiler room industrial. That echoey
‘workshop under the railway arches’ thing that early NWW had going on. Even a bit of guitar before it goes all static wave wipeout/grind-your-bones-down-in-the-MOT-pit messy. Nice.STAPPERTON I mainly know for the fact that he’s servedtime in a) Luton b) the post office, which means, like me, he’sguaranteed a spot in Heaven. Haven’t we suffered enough? His 2017 split with Bir on Lurker Bias was oneof my favourite ‘noise’ / ‘no audience’ (God, I hate that term now) releases in living memory. You can still get it on tape for 6 bucks, or leech it for free like the bogroll-snatching ponce your parents disowned. On this track, however, Stappertongoes full shortwave radio on us, joining such luminaries as John “but I thought I pressed ‘record’!” Cage, John “lol, I shagged a corpse”Duncan andPhilip “CO-OPTED BY CUNTS! CO-OPTED BY CUNTS! CO-OPTED BY CUNTS! CO-OPTED BY CUNTS!” Best. Why bother with fancysynths and pricey pads when you can get that bubbling Great White Deathbassand Angus MacLise-style treblydrones off the shortwave spectrumfor free? Radio noiseis cool, and so is this track. COLDSORE’s song starts off like metallic mosquito helicopters exploring a mineshaft, and ends like a thirsty two-headed Chernobyl wolf licking water from a burst pipe in a bombed-out building. In between, there’s a lot of phased ascending/descending swoopswith plenty of reverb ‘n’ clatter. I wouldn’t recommend listening to this on psychotropics, unless you want to feel like a cosmonaut tumbling into the void. Though, however you get your kicks...There’s something a bit United Dairies about this release, which I can’t put my finger on right now, but I may wellbe talking junk.You can get it at the link below and judge for yourself, and maybe throw ‘em some of the money you were gonna squander on sunburst-vinyl Gang Of Four EPson Record Shop Day –oh COVID-19, do we owe you a smidgeon of gratitudefornixingthat, if nothing else! Now please skedaddleoutta hereand leave us be. I know, I know...you all think I’m lying about the Japanese man with the turnip.(MARTIN C, BAT FLU2)


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